Road 2 Where, Exactly?

When I was Editor of Men’s Health magazine, and before that, articles editor for Playboy, I was pretty good at my jobs. But I was great at taking vacations—Moscow and Minneapolis, Bermuda and the Badlands, Kathmandu and Kauai, Key West and the Congo, plus all those national parks you’ve been meaning to visit (Acadia, Great Sand Dunes, Everglades, Point Reyes National Seashore, and on, and on). I live to travel because every trip changes and enriches my life, starting with an epic run through Paris-London-the South Downs-Belfast-Sligo-Oslo-Zagreb (!)-Venice-Rome just after I graduated from college. The Road2Elsewhere will track my own gleanings and mistakes from a lifetime of purposeful wandering through places, ideas, books and stuff that makes me laugh; harvest insights from the best memoirists and travel writers; and include paintings and drawings and cartoons I made along the way. Not all who wander are lost…they’re on the Road2Elsewhere.

Selfie with Napoleon, who said “To understand the man you have to know what was happening in the world when he was twenty.”.

Why should you care?

I’m a decorated magazine journalist, having helped guide Men’s Health to a couple of National Magazine Awards for general excellence, as well as earning an Ellie for my feature A Tale of Three Hearts. And, during my time at MH I ghosted or co-wrote three New York Times bestsellers in the health/diet realm. I am the editorial shit, as it were. But my key credential is that I’ve spent my lifetime in purposeful travel, and through it I’ve lived better, and eaten better, and probably become a better person. Care for a snail?

St Paul de Vence, France, outside of Nice. (My dinner companions didn’t survive the meal, but I did.)

Where in the world is Peter headed now?

I’ll be posting weekly: There will be sketches, drawings, jokes, and cartoons from the travel life. And I’ll post illustrated excerpts from my forthcoming memoir The Road to Elsewhere, augmented by wanderlusty journal entries plucked from the six million words I’ve written along my route.

Hope you’ll join me for this déjeuner sur l'herbe.

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Not all who wander are lost...they're on the Road2Elsewhere.


Peter Moore
I spent thirty years as magazine editor (Playboy, Men’s Health) and book author (three NYT bestsellers!). Then I discovered that I like to cartoon. Is that even a verb? Bad career move, but at least I’m having fun. Care to join me?